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Message  RIVAL le Sam 11 Juil - 13:50

hey there,

we're still in the final mixing process of our new songs but we're getting close to the end - finally - we know it takes a long time but we want the best out of it so good things take some time sometimes :-)! thanks for keeping patient and we hope that as soon the new tracks are out on myspace the RIVAL FAMILY will do the best to spread it around.

here some updates regarding shows:
05.09. ingolstadt @ open flair (exerzierhalle - 18h30 - free entry!)
21.09. innsbruck @ weekender club (students night - free entry!)
25.09. ingolstadt @ buddha lounge

as soon as our new tracks are finished we will be able to book new shows, so please be patient. the show on 28th of november in ingolstadt @ ohrakel was canceled for us. we don't really know why but we won't play there!!! so for those of you who spend some time in germany at that time, pleas choose another show to come cuz we won't play in november in ingolstadt!

max is also comin back from his studies in indonesia on july 17th...YEAH!...then we will begin again with rehearsing our new live programme. at the show on the 5th of september DJ Technique will not be able to rock with us cuz he will be on birthday holidays...but we play the show without him.

that's all so far dear RIVAL FAMILY! we'll come back to you when the new tracks are done!

take care everybody and til soon,


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